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The Secret Life of Prisons podcast

Nov 29, 2021

The creative arts in prison aren't just a 'nice-to-have'. For some they can be a passport to freedom and even a lifesaver.

Saul Hewish has visited over 100 prisons in his long career as a the founder and Artistic Director of Rideout, a charity that runs creative arts for rehabilitation. He joins Phil Maguire and Paula Harriott in a series of conversations with people who, in one way or another, found their creative calling in prison.

Lee Cutter's fantastic art can be found here:

Brenda Birungi's poetry can be found at: 

Rideout's homepage is:

Walking the Wing, the audio drama produced in lockdown, can be heard here:

This episode of The Secret Life of Prisons was funded by the University of Reading as part of the 'Sounding Out: Facilitating Incarcerated People's Involvement in Penal Policy Reform' research project led by Dr Sarah Bartley in collaboration with Rideout Creative Arts for Rehabilitation and the Prison Reform Trust.

The Department of Film, Theatre, Television at The University of Reading can be found at: