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The Secret Life of Prisons podcast

Dec 21, 2022

Phil and Paula introduce a VERY special show for Christmas.

Lady Unchained is one of the best-known voices behind bars. She's the host of Free Flow - a weekly show on National Prison Radio that encouranges listeners to call in with their lyrics, performed to backing tracks that they play on the radio.

'It's the show where we play the beat twice so you can get your bars right.'

She's also the author of Behind Bars - an anthology of poetry written during and after her prison sentence.

In this special show, recorded live at Libereria in London to mark the release of her book, she's interviewed by Jules Rowan, who has also spent time in prison and is now the host of our hugely successful sister podcast Life After Prison.

We hear debut performances from two young artists who Brenda has nurtured - Aliyah Ali and Tamar. Plus, we hear an amazing clip from Free Flow of a listener who took the bars he recorded in prison and turned them into a professionally-produced track.

Thanks to the team at Second Home for organising and hosting the event.

You can buy Behind Bars here: